Journey Interrupted: Film Review

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Journey Interrupted: Film Review

Journey Interrupted will premiere at the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs, MI. Showing times are at 6pm EST, September 24th and 25th, 2016.

Each of us is on a journey. And as we walk step-by-step, interruptions and obstacles can serve as stumbling blocks or stepping-stones. The film, Journey Interrupted, allows the viewer to peer in on five lives and see how God led each one on different paths yet with the same goal. This film deals with a most sensitive topic in a gentle, careful and balanced way. The subjects of homosexuality, LGBTQ and gender neutrality have been in the news headlines for some time now. The two main questions that exist in the minds of many Christians are, “how should I relate to all this?” and “what does the Bible say?” Are those two things really mutually exclusive? Coming Out Ministries has accepted the challenge of answering those questions through honest personal testimony. The viewer may find tears well up in their own eyes as they catch a rare glimpse into someone else’s very personally intimate journey.


I watched this film with intense interest. As a pastor, it is my desire to understand people and how they think, that I might best minister to their needs. This film has given me the occasion to understand the hearts and minds of people that have walked a different path than I have. Yet the most compelling takeaway of this film is the reality, that while I have walked a different road, I am on the same journey. That journey is the pursuit of holiness in the context of a personal relationship with Jesus who loves all people just the way they are.


A good film, a captivating film is one in which the viewer can see and feel themselves in it, that they are part of the action. That is what I found so engaging about this film. Although the things that keep me crying out to God are not the same as those depicted in this film, the emotion is the same, the falling down at times is the same, and the promises of Jesus are the same. As each of the stories gradually unfolded, I wanted to know how they made it through, did they make it through, how did God answer their prayers. Because, just maybe, there is hope that He will answer my prayers, too and keep His promises to me, too.


The film’s candidness is revealed by its inclusion of the tentative and uncertain journey of Anna. Her story is so moving because the story is not over for her. The makers of Journey Interrupted have kept the door open to create a second film, because, no doubt, many will ask about Anna in the years to come. Stories from her, and from those whom this film will impact, will allow this conversation to continue and allow for many others to explore the depths of the love of God.


Don’t be mistaken though; this film is not just for one segment of the population. It is, however, a piece that every person who is interested in growing spiritually should watch. The stories explored are about individuals who gave up, but also about a God who didn’t give up. Not surprisingly, the entire focus of the film is on the issue of identity. But its focus is on who we really are in the light and hope of Jesus Christ. We are called to find our identity in Christ and He has called us to live holy lives, by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, because He who has called us is holy.


One other point that I appreciated so much, that I found applicable to all situations, is this idea of choice. God gave Adam and Eve a choice. God gives all of us choices. Satan on the other hand does not. We cannot choose our temptations but we certainly can choose how we respond to them. God has given each one of us the power of choice. And this film has helped me see this in a new way. God has given us free will. He does not take that away from us. Satan deceives us and tempts us and turns us into accusers of God like he is. When Satan gets us to yield to any sin, he begins to trap us and lies to us. Sometimes we feel like we can’t escape and that we shouldn’t even bother to try. Satan is the one that wants to destroy God’s power in our lives and to destroy our power of choice. This film clearly pointed out that even when we feel powerless, even when we feel like we have no choice, God invites us to give our will over to Him. We are weak, but when you can sing, “Jesus love me, this I know,” you will also know that He is strong.


I recommend Journey Interrupted without equivocation. This film will not be without its strong critics and skeptics. There is no question that some will line up to question the film’s conclusions and its legitimacy. But how can you and why would you want to argue with a God who relentlessly pursues the objects of His affection? The hope that we have in Jesus, a hope that is deeper than our genetics and the circumstances of our lives, is what this film so joyfully portrays. This truly is the good news of the gospel. This film was encouraging to me personally as I saw my own need to identify in Christ and not my circumstances, to not allow Satan to deceive me into thinking I don’t have a choice, and to realize my utter need of total dependence upon God.


Ron Woolsey, Wayne Blakely, Michael Carducci and Danielle Harrison have taken a topic that is usually handled through the arguing and disarming of scripture and made it personal through each of their own stories. They are candid and vulnerable as they not only share their story, but also their emotions and struggles in coming to terms with themselves. Some might be hesitant to watch this film, and admittedly there were some uncomfortable things for me to hear, but for the discerning viewer, Journey Interrupted, is filled with principles for practical Christian living, that will deepen your own walk with Christ and give you greater empathy toward your fellow travellers along the journey.

Watch the trailer for Journey Interrupted.

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Chris Holland is the speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. He loves preaching, Bible study, and spending time in God's second book, nature.

  • rachelcabose

    Glad to hear that this film is completed! Please add a link to purchase the full video when it is available.

  • Chung

    “This film was encouraging to me personally as I saw my own need to identify in Christ and not my circumstances, to not allow Satan to deceive me into thinking I don’t have a choice, and to realize my utter need of total dependence upon God.”

    Amen and thank you for this review. I am looking forward to seeing this film.

  • mrwayyne

    We will make a public announcement when the film is available on DVD. Not sure of the exact date for that currently. It will be a few months down the road.

    If you are interested in hosting a public screening of “Journey Interrupted,” you can send us an invitation from our film’s website at

  • Surfer

    I am looking forward to seeing this.