Should You Read Marcos Torres’s Series about the Investigative Judgment?

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Should You Read Marcos Torres’s Series about the Investigative Judgment?

Marcos Torres, Adventist pastor and blogger, has written a new series for Compass arguing that Adventists need to completely reinvent the way they present the doctrine of the Pre-Advent Investigative Judgment (PAIJ) to make it relevant and meaningful in today’s world.


Marcos asserts: “The PAIJ is a doctrine that is, despite all our efforts, dead. . . . But it can be reborn.” His six-part series, “The Death and Rebirth of the Investigative Judgment,” shows how we can reframe Adventism’s unique doctrine in a way that connects to universal human needs instead of treating this truth as “a seemingly pointless exercise in biblical arithmetic.”


His articles are thought-provoking, insightful, and . . . well . . . long. If you haven’t taken time to read them yet, I’m not judging. Instead, I’ve created a cheat sheet to let you cut to the parts that interest you most. Simply click on the statement(s) below that best fit you, and you’ll jump straight to the pertinent portion of the series. If you’re captivated by Marcos’s easy-to-read style and innovative ideas, as I was, you can always go back and read the rest.


Here’s where I stand on the Pre-Advent Investigative Judgment (PAIJ):

  1. I have no clue what the PAIJ is.

Skip Marcos’s articles for now and go to 1844 Made Simple to get the basic overview. Or, if you want it even simpler, try Adventist FUN-da-MENTALS #24.


  1. I’m not sure if the PAIJ is biblical.

As Marcos explains in Part 1, in this series he’s focusing on why the PAIJ matters, not whether it’s true. If you question the doctrine’s theological validity, check out other Compass articles such as “Why the Critics of the Investigative Judgment Have Failed” and

“Answering Objections to the Investigative Judgment Doctrine.”


  1. I believe in the PAIJ, but I have yet to see it make any real difference in my life. If you’ve got an idea for how this teaching could become relevant and practical, I’m all ears!


  1. I want a simple way to explain the PAIJ to a young person, a Bible study contact, or even myself. I get lost in all those dates and sanctuary symbols.


  1. I love the PAIJ! It’s so profound and meaningful! It’s the key to our existence as Adventists! Why can’t everybody else see how great it is?


  1. I get tired of Adventists wrangling about theological abstractions. Let’s start addressing topics that really matter, like racism or human trafficking or child abuse!


  1. Wait a minute. Are you sure the idea of reframing a doctrine is biblical? Won’t we end up throwing out the whole thing in our effort to adapt to today’s culture?


  1. Could I just get the story of how Marcos became fascinated with this topic and why he’s qualified to write about it?


Bonus: If you think Adventists need to rethink the way we share many of our doctrines to make them relevant in today’s world, you’ll appreciate Marco’s discussion of “What is Relevance?”

Read Marcos’ entire series on Pre-Advent Investigative Judgement

Click here to download the free eBook version!

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