A Day of Rest and Worship (What the Sabbath Means to Me, #7)

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A Day of Rest and Worship (What the Sabbath Means to Me, #7)

The Juniors Sabbath School Class (ages 10-12) at the Miami Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church weighs in on what the Sabbath Means to them.


“To me, the Sabbath means to dedicate your time to God; to worship, praise, and talk to him.” – Tamia Beckford


“The Sabbath to me is a time when I can learn more about God through other people’s perspectives, because even though we may all be reading the same Bible, we all see it differently. Also, I think it’s a celebration to recognize the making of this Earth.” – Ashley Chery


“Sabbath means God is sending a message, a message that people should come to church and pray. You will get something from the Lord—more than you can handle. That’s why if you pray for something, you will get more than you need.” – Jayquan Clarke


“It means rest to me. I don’t need to worry about things like school and homework too much. I can just chill and go to church, but always learn something about the Bible.” – Eric Da Silva


“What the Sabbath means to me is a day of rest. God rested on the seventh day. The Sabbath is a day that I can go to church and sing worship music with friends. This is why the Sabbath is my favorite day.” – Diana Diaz


“The Sabbath, to me, is a hangout day with God. It’s like a Father’s Day that occurs every Saturday. I get to tell Him all that is on my mind, and he just understands. The Sabbath, to me, is a day to spend with my best Friend. It’s a day I look forward to all week.” – Amara Greene


“The Sabbath means the day of rest and the day we worship the Lord—the day where there is peace in your home, when we learn more about Jesus. It is the day when we have a peaceful day with our family and friends, the day when we praise the Lord, when we thank the Lord. It is the day we go to Sabbath School, the day we are thankful. The Sabbath is a special day for me. Sabbath is something I love very much. The Sabbath is the day we forgive ourselves and our trespassers, the day when we love the Lord and the Lord loves us.” – Hakeem Henry


“To me, the Sabbath means learning about God, meeting new people, having fun, and more. But Sabbath is a day when everybody comes together in church to learn as a group, and to praise God to top it all off.” – Melisa Herrera


“The Sabbath to me is a day to worship God and spend time with your church family.” – Gabriella Jaar


“Sabbath does not just mean going to Sabbath School and listening to a sermon. The Sabbath is an important, stress-free day. On the Sabbath, I can forget about the stressful situations going on at school, such as keeping up my grades. It is a day that I can learn more about God while spending time with my family and friends. As you can see, the Sabbath is a day I learn and experience God’s love.” – Samantha Markowitz




“To me, the Sabbath means a day for rest. It is a day to relax from the stressful week from before. It also means a time to spend with your family. The Sabbath also resembles the day Jesus rested.” – Aliette Martinez


“The Sabbath is a day of rest, a day to socialize with fellow Christians, a day to learn about God.” – Maddox Martinez


“The Sabbath means a day of worshiping and reading the Bible with my family, and resting.” – Emily Momin


“The Sabbath means to rest after a long week. It means to celebrate what God has created. It means to spend time with friends and family.” – Jorge Morales


“What the Sabbath means to me is that I get to learn new things about God, or learn more about what I already knew about God. It also means that I get to have peace and not worry about any labor. I feel like God gives me an extra dose of peace on the Sabbath so I’ll be ready for the rest of the week. I also feel that God gives me an extra dose of patience so I’ll be ready for the week.” – Shari-Rose Nyangoro


“I think that if you want to believe and be baptized, you should take Bible studies. For me, going to church means peace, freedom and happiness. For me, Sabbath is a day of rest and love. I like the Sabbath because of the spirit of happiness and love that is there.” – Gerson Peiro


“It brings me happiness and joy to worship the only God in the universe. I also feel thankful to have the ability to have parents to take me to church.” – Emanuel Salazar


“The Sabbath day to me means a day of rest. The Sabbath day is a holy day to worship God. The Sabbath day is a day that we can read the Bible. The Sabbath day is a day to tell people about God.” – Andres Vasquez

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Donna Charles

Donna Charles is the Juniors Sabbath School Class (ages 10-12) teacher at the Miami Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church. Donna graciously compiled her students’ thoughts on the Sabbath.